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Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education announced the first competition called “Initiative of excellence – a research university” whose aim is to identify and support the universities which can effectively compete with the best academic centers in Europe and worldwide.

Universities from all over the country have applied for the status of research university i.e. 8 classical universities: UJ, UW, UAM, UMK, UG, UŚ, UW, 6 public technical colleges: AGH, PG, PŁ, PŚ, PW, PWr, 4 medical universities : GUMED, UMP, UMB and UMED and Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences and Pedagogical University in Krakow.

We are proud that the Medical University of Lodz belongs to the group of universities with the greatest scientific and research potential and has the chance to obtain the status of a research university. The ministerial competition will determine a maximum of 10 higher education institutions which will receive an annual subsidy increase between 2020 and 2026 (in the amount of 10% of subsidy obtained in 2019). However,  the participation itself already guarantees additional financing i.e. 2% of the subsidy.

The universities applying for the status of a research university have to present a program of scientific development, so-called strategy of excellence, which will be assessed by a team of overseas experts. The document shall specifiy goals and activities which will mainly concern:

• the increase in the impact of academic activities on the development of world science,

• strengthening of research cooperation with highly renowned research centers on an international scale,

• improvement of the quality of education of graduate and postgraduate students,

• improvement of the university staff policy,

• improvement in  the quality of university management.

At the Medical University of Lodz, intensive work is underway to compile the document which will define  university development in research, innovation and potential cooperation. The key to the success of the MUL Research project lies in reliable analysis and preparation of ambitious, yet realistic, programme which will enable investments in education as well as in research and development.

Thank you for your engagement and we  invite you to cooperation in  the strategic project implementation.  We would most welcome your comments and suggestions which can help us develop strategies  adjusted to our needs and capabilities.

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